Welcome to the beginning of the 2021-22 school year!

Rowanty Technical Center staff are excited for a great new year as we enter a more normal schedule and welcome students five days a week. We wanted to reach out regarding our start to the new year.

1) Rowanty Technical Center is not honoring any driving passes or requests at this time. All schools are providing transportation to their students. If your student is being dropped off, the arrival time for the morning should be no later than 8:40 am (classes start at 8:45 am). Arrival time for the afternoon will be no later than 11:40 pm (classes start at 11:45 am). Any questions should be directed to Cheryl Simmers at csimmers@rowanty.us.

2) Rowanty Technical Center is following the governor’s mandate regarding the use of masks. Please make sure your student has an inventory of masks to start the year.

3) We have placed the 2021-2022 forms in the Documents section of this site. They may be filled out and printed. Signatures of parents/guardians are required in most cases. Once forms have been completed fully, with signatures, they may also be scanned and emailed to forms@rowanty.us.

4) The most important forms are the signature page for the student code of conduct, medical form, and the insurance form. We will have information available for school insurance if your student is not currently insured. Without these forms, students will not be able to start work in the shops/labs.

5) Rowanty will be unable to accommodate virtual students as a stand alone option. All courses have hands-on activities that must be completed for the student to receive full credit. We will still use Google classroom as our online platform. Teachers will be placing material on Google classroom daily to help any student that is out keep up with the course. This, in no way, replaces the in-person lectures. It is simply a supplement for additional resources and a repository for assignments.

Please feel free to reach out to Cheryl Simmers, Principal, at csimmers@rowanty.us.

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