Update – Return to Learn

Principal Cheryl Simmers released the following update:

Today’s update includes information regarding student attendance information for Rowanty for 20-21.

Dinwiddie students are scheduled to come to Rowanty on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week, with virtual learning on Friday..
Prince George students are scheduled to come to Rowanty on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week, with virtual learning on Friday.
Sussex students are scheduled to access Rowanty courses virtually each day for at least the first two weeks of school. Rowanty is currently working with Sussex administration for plans past the first two weeks of school.

Please note that if your child has a driver’s license and their own transportation you may contact Rowanty after August 27th for driving opportunities on “off-days.” Parents/guardians may drop off and pick up students any day, as long as they arrive/leave from 8:00 am and 2:30 pm.

Documentation required for Rowanty students will be posted online next week. More details regarding virtual learning, driving, and health plans will be posted at that time. It will be very important for ALL families to complete these forms in a timely fashion once they have been contacted by the student’s teacher.

As of today, Rowanty course registration information (student names) is still in preliminary stages. School counseling offices will contact students/families with any questions or concerns. Rowanty teachers, when they return to school, will be contacting student families to complete an important questionnaire to determine student access to learning opportunities. Communication between Rowanty administration and teachers with students and their families must be consistent and effective this year, more than any other year.

We respect that your students are older and should be taking individual responsibility for their education. However, we also know, from our experiences, that doesn’t always happen. Please know that Rowanty faculty and staff will be in touch with your student and the family regularly throughout the year. Please know your student’s teacher will be the one most aware of your child’s educational information. So, please make time to speak to them when they call. We appreciate your cooperation and know we will have a positive year if we keep the lines of communication open and build the relationships we value so much.

As of today, no information provided in previous updates has been changed. Please feel free to contact the principal at csimmers@rowanty.us or 434-246-5741 with specific questions.

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