Message From the Princpal

Principal Cheryl Simmers has released the following statement:

Rowanty Update #3

Hi all! Just a quick update to help clarify some questions we have been receiving. First, I hope everyone is staying safe and cool. I know how the heat can just drain you. Please know that everything I share with you is contingent on any changes made by Governor Northam, CDC, and VDOE.

Rowanty is prepared to be in school five days a week. Our instructors will be in the building each day. All high schools have been told this. We have also notified the schools that we need as many days “in person” as possible to ensure proper hands-on instruction to meet the competencies required by our classes. As a regional school, we do not make the final decision on the students’ attendance to Rowanty. Each county will create its own plan, and Rowanty will adapt to meet the needs of the students the best way we can. It is times like these that we are unable to give you specifics. We apologize for that.

Our suggestion to ALL parents is to select the “in person” option on any survey you are provided to ensure your child’s ability to attend Rowanty. It is our understanding that students that are “all virtual” will only receive a Rowanty slot if the “all in person” slots are taken. We do not want to be held to this statement, because things are changing regularly and we realize what might have been the case today may change tomorrow. We strongly urge all parents to call your home high school to clarify its policy.

Also, parents should ask if their children’s schedules have been finalized and if Rowanty is on that schedule. You may be able to see this information on your school’s student management system: TylerSIS (Prince George), Infinite Campus (Dinwiddie), or PowerSchool (Sussex). We have not received any information from the schools regarding registration at this time.

Please know we are more than happy to help you get the information you need. Please email Ms. Simmers at or give us a call at 434-246-5741. If we can’t answer your question directly, we will do our best to find the answer.

We know anxiety levels are rising as we get closer to the opening of school. We do want to increase those levels if we can help it. So, please reach out if we can help. Have a good week.
Cheryl Simmers

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