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Dinwiddie Rowanty students will report to Dinwiddie High School on August 23, 2022, as they have been directed by the high school. This includes their Rowanty time slot until Rowanty opens for general school days on September 6, 2022. On August 23, 2022, Dinwiddie High 

Updated COVID-19 Mitigation Policies

On Thursday, February 3rd, the Rowanty Board of Control and Principal Cheryl Simmers finalized new COVID-19 mitigation policies that align with those of the three counties Rowanty serves. Today, Ms. Simmers addresses those changes in a letter you can read by clicking the link below.

Welcome to the beginning of the 2021-22 school year!

Rowanty Technical Center staff are excited for a great new year as we enter a more normal schedule and welcome students five days a week. We wanted to reach out regarding our start to the new year. 1) Rowanty Technical Center is not honoring any 

Teacher Workday – Monday, Feb 1, 2021

Rowanty Technical Center will have a VIRTUAL teacher’s workday on Monday, February 1, 2021. NO students should report to Rowanty. All new students for 2nd semester should report to Rowanty on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 on a regular schedule. If any additional changes are made, 

Mid-Year Reminders from the Principal

Happy New Year to our Rowanty families and students! In preparation for our return to school on Monday, January 4, 2020, I just wanted to take a few minutes to review some key points so we can all remain healthy coming into the New Year. 

New COVID-19 Guidelines from the Governor

On November 13, 2020, Governor Northam announced new COVID-19 guidelines for Virginia. As of now, we (Rowanty Technical Center) have not been notified of any changes for schools. We are maintaining our vigilance to keep our students and staff safe. We are also planning ahead 

Virtual Classes – November 23rd & 24th

Rowanty Technical Center will be operating on a virtual instruction schedule for Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th, 2020. All students will be provided lessons/assignments on Google Classroom for these two days. These lessons/assignments will be due on Monday, November 30, 2020 during the 

Information for Dinwiddie Families

To: Dinwiddie Parents/Guardians All families were forwarded a letter from Dinwiddie High School regarding transportation schedules for Rowanty students, beginning Monday, October 19, 2020. I wanted to summarize these contents to make sure that all families are aware of the changes that Dinwiddie High School 

School Opening Update

Principal Cheryl Simmers released the following final update before the opening of school: Hello all! I sit here at Rowanty today working on all the last bits of things that need to be completed. It is quiet in the building, but I do have a 

Update for Dinwiddie

Principal Cheryl Simmers released the following information update for Dinwiddie family members: To our Dinwiddie family members … Rowanty is aware of the robocall made regarding the change in Dinwiddie’s reopening plans to an all-virtual status. We do not know how this will impact Rowanty’s