Masonry I


Unit I

  1. Introduction to Common Job-Site Hazards
  2. Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Working with Hazardous Chemicals
  4. Hazardous Material Exposures
  5. OSHA Regulations
  6. OSHA 10 Training


Unit II

  1. Basic Tools of the Trade
  2. Learning to Use the Basic Tools
  3. Introduction to Related Power Equipment
  4. Cutting with a Brick Hammer


Unit III

  1. Development of Clay and Shale Brick
  2. Manufacture of Brick
  3. Development of Concrete Blocks
  4. Manufacture of Concrete Block Masonry Units


Unit IV

  1. Development of Mortar
  2. Types of Mortar and Their Characteristics
  3. Mixing Mortar


Unit V

  1. Introduction to Bonding
  2. Traditional Structural and Pattern Bonds
  3. Bonding Concrete Block & Rules for Bonding


Unit VI

  1. Laying Brick to the Line
  2. Building the Brick Corner
  3. Estimating Brick Masonry
  4. Laying Concrete Block to the Line
  5. Estimating Concrete Block
  6. Building Composite Wall with Brick & Block
  7. Cavity and Reinforced Masonry Walls


Unit VII

  1. Basic mathematical Functions—Adding, Subtracting, Dividing and Multiplying Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals
  2. Read and Use Various Length Measurement Tools
  3. Communication Skills