High school Course # 8533, 8534, 8535 (36 Weeks)

College Courses: ELE 113 (3cr) ELE 127 (3cr) First Year

ELE 114 (3cr) ELE 131 (3cr) Second Year


Instructor: Mr. Kent S. Harrison

Phone:       (804) 732-4950 (434) 246-5741 8:00 a.m. 2:45 p.m.


Course Description


The Electrical Program is a Two-Year Dual Enrollment course in alliance withSouthsideVirginiaCommunity College.


Students will acquire the skills and technical knowledge related to Electrical Safety, Electrical Circuits, Ohms Law, Direct Current and Alternating Current theory, Residential Wiring Methods, Industrial and Commercial Wiring Methods, Principles of Conduit Bending, Hand and Power Tools, Cost Estimation, and the use of the National Electrical Code. Instruction in Transformers, Single and Three Phase distribution, Single and Three phase motors, Low Line Voltage, Introduction to Motor Control, Introduction to PLC (programmable logic controllers) Introduction to Instrumentation (Pressure and Flow) are also studied.


Students will have the opportunity to earn 12 college credits upon successful completion of the electrical program with a “C” or better average and attendance policy listed below.




Algebra I, Geometry: to follow with Algebra II.




Each student will provide a calculator and hand tools based on the instructor’s description and it is expected not to exceed $150.00 dollars.



Absences totaling more than 6 excused or unexcused per semester will lose college credit and may adversely affect the student’s grade for the academic credit at the home school.


Class Participation


Students are expected to participate in lectures and lab assignments as part of a group and will be graded.





Prince George High School:          Sussex High School              Dinwiddie High School

A= 100-93                                           A= 100-93                               A=100-94

B=   92-86                                           B=   92-86                               B= 93-87

C=   85-78                                           C=   85-78                               C= 86-79

D=   77-70                                           D=   77-70                               D= 78-70

F=   BELOW 70                                 F=    BELOW 70                    F= BELOW 70


First Semester   First 9 week final grade =      40%

Second 9 week final grade = 40%

First Semester Exam =           20%



Second Semester First 9 week final grade =    40%

Second 9 week final grade= 40%

Second Semester Exam =     20%


Course Schedule


Weekly lecture supplemented with instructional videos, handouts and lab assignments. There will be Homework, Quiz, Test and a Weekly Performance Checklist to Assess Student Progress.




All students are expected upon completion of the program to obtain:


NOCTI Certification

NCCER Certification

OSHA 10 Hour

Work Keys Assessment

12 transferable college credits in electrical studies

Fork lift certification


Post Secondary Expectations


Entry level Employment

State approved Apprenticeship for Licensure

Post-Secondary Education