Masonry II



Unit I

  1. Introduction to Common Job-Site Hazards
  2. Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Working with Hazardous Chemicals
  4. Hazardous Material Exposures
  5. OSHA Regulations


Unit II

  1. Masonry Supports, Chases and Bearings
  2. Small, One-Flue Chimneys
  3. Movement Joints and Intersecting Walls
  4. Installing Anchor Bolts, Brick Corbeling & Copings
  5. Glass Block Masonry


Unit III

  1. Types of Scaffolding
  2. Safety Rules for Erecting & Using Scaffolding
  3. Cleaning Brick and Block
  4. Removing Various Stains


Unit IV

  1. History, Theory and Function of Fireplaces
  2. Design and Construction of a Fireplace
  3. Multiple-Opening and Heat Circulation Fireplaces


Unit V

  1. Development of Arches
  2. Construction of Semi-Circular and Segmental Arches
  3. Construction of a Jack Arch


Unit VI

  1. Concrete Forms and Placing Footings
  2. Essentials of Concrete Work


Unit VII

  1. Line & Symbol Identification
  2. Blueprints and Working Drawings
  3. Dimensions and Scales



  1. Personal Qualities and People Skills
  2. Technology Knowledge and Skills
  3. Professional Knowledge and Skills




  1. Masonry Careers
  2. Workplace Readiness Skills
  3. Resumes, Cover Letters, and Applications
  4. Virginia Career Readiness Certificate Skills
  5. Selected Masonry Projects